Recent research

On-going research / work in progress:

  • The social origins of inventors [with Aghion, P., Akcigit, U., Toivanen, O.].
  • Managerial problem-solving and information-processing [with Karhunen, H.].
  • Entrepreneurial tasks: Theory and evidence [with Karhunen, H.].
  • Collateral channel and small business lending [with Ylhäinen, I.].
  • Enhancing the use of digital government services: Evidence from a natural field experiment  [with Hammar, M., and Tuimala, J.].
  • The long-term labor market consequences of risky health behaviors [with Böckerman, P. and Maczulskij, T.].
  • Effects of persistent and transitory overweight on long-term labor market outcomes [with Laine, L.].
  • Anatomy of cartel contracts [with Steen F. and Toivanen, O.].
  • Heritability of lifetime income [with Ilmakunnas, P., Johansson, E. and Toivanen, O.]
  • Good and bad licensing [with Takalo, T.].